We receive many letters from the families we've served, thanking us for our caring ways during their time of loss. Their words warm our hearts, and speak to you of our professionalism, compassion, and the true value of the services we provide.

"Sonya was kind and helpful after the death of my son. He had wanted to be cremated but not embalmed and another place we called not only refused but their salesman was aggressive in trying to force us to go against his wishes so they could sell us services we did not want. We needed to see my son and get some kind of goodbye and Sonya not only allowed this but encouraged us to spend the time we needed to. It is horrible to loose our son but we really needed to know it was in fact him and that he would not be coming home. She was gracious and supportive. I am so thankful that we found her."

Claudette F.

"Don't let the storefront fool you. Sonya was a rock for me to lean on and walked me through every minute of the painful process and decisions with losing my sister. I felt the love and care and she truly went way above and beyond with all of our crazy requests!! What a great decision we made...it would be nice to think I will never need this service again...but will always fall back on her if needed.

Karen S.

"What a blessing!!! Sonya was awesome in our time of grief. She was able to answer all of our questions and provide us with the best options for caring for our loved one. Made this tough time easier to deal with. Words can't express our gratitude."

Shannon W.

"During the worst days of our lives Noble Cremations helped us step by step through the process of cremation. They communicated very well and made sure we were informed of each step that was completed. Their genuine caring attitude made us feel that our loved one was respected and treated with the utmost care. I would certainly recommend their services to anyone in need."

Jennifer D.

"I have found both Sonya Giles and Jim Barrow at Noble Cremations to be special at what they do. Having known a number of funeral directors over the years, virtually all of them were professional in what they do. But the funeral directors at Noble have shown to be more than just professionals... they really do care."

John O.

"My sister and I lost our mother recently and were taken care of by Sonya Giles. My sister lives in Fort Worth, so Sonya met her in person. I live in Austin, so Sonya and I communicated by phone and email. It was our mom's wish to be cremated and then buried in Louisiana next to her father & sister. Sonya helped us through the whole process. She made sure we were on the same page every step of the way, from the initial conversations, to signing the cremation papers (in person and digitally), to confirming that the cremated remains arrived at the owner of the cemetery in Louisiana... Not only was she knowledgeable, clear, and helpful; she was also extremely kind and understanding during our difficult time. We both agreed that Sonya is an awesome lady and we wanted to make sure everyone else knows too. Your loved ones will be in good hands!"

Manda M.

There is a blessing in everything, and even though our family was going through the death of my dad and making arrangements for his service, finding the store was truly one of the blessings for us. Sonya helped us with the urn, helped us make changes, making calls, and went over and beyond what we had expected. She made everything seamless, and the service turned out perfect. So thankful and grateful. We will definitely use them again if needed or refer them to someone who does.

Terri W.