Notice to all Families and Guests

A Coronavirus Message

Because we value the health and safety of the families we serve and that of our employees, we want to reassure you that Noble Low-Cost Cremations has taken meticulous steps to protect everyone that enters our doors in the face of the coronavirus threat, also known as COVID-19.

We have always been proud of the cleanliness of our facilities and keeping them clean and sanitized is even more important now.   So, we have increased our efforts to clean and sanitize every area in our facilities frequented by the public and our employees.

In addition, all employees will continue to follow CDC best-practice guidelines to prevent the spread of viruses and we encourage our families and guests to do the same:  Stay at home when you are sick.  Wash hands frequently.  Cover mouth with tissues when coughing or sneezing.  Avoid people who are sick with respiratory symptoms. 

Despite these measures to protect families and employees, there may be some who express concern about coming into our facilities due to the virus threat. To these we want to convey that much of the arrangement conference can be accomplished over the phone, up to and including signing contracts electronically.  Other required documents, obituary approvals, etc. can also be handled through email. (Please contact us for details.)

There may be other families who are concerned about their friends and loved ones attending a large funeral service.  We want to offer options including the scheduling of the memorial service at a later date after the cremation take place.  (Please contact us for details.)

The coronavirus threat indeed creates a complex and evolving situation.  However, Noble Low-Cost Cremations remains a steadfast and dependable neighbor. We will get through this newest threat and we will do it– together.